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Care giving at Home

It is deeply troubling for everyone to first see an independent family member suddenly needing the family’s support for the most basic of activities. While the patient is anxious, often depressed and sometimes loses the entire sense of self worth, often families don’t really know what to do with the suddenly dependent family member – how to look after them in a medically correct manner, how to support them and keep them engaged etc. 

The team at www.rent4health.com comes with several years of on ground experience of managing somewhat dependent and completely dependent patients and are developing an eco system of support – physical and online to support the primary caregivers – the family of patients – at home




Consulting Experience

The founding team at www.rent4health.com has deep experience of supporting and caring for dependent elders and patients. 

We have supported over 250 patients over the last 15 months for the entire nursing support and rehabilitation requirements not just for products and equipment but for services. 

We have supported patients for Post – Stroke Management, Post - Knee & Hip Replacement, Palliative Cancer Care, COPD, CKD etc. 


If you need help on to look after your elder loved one or another dependent patient, feel free to ask questions and request for our services. We are currently supporting patients in Pune only.



Mob:+91-88 22 256 256 

Medical Products for Sale

Dependent elders and patients require products, diapers, under pads to wheel chairs, walkers. As part of the ecosystem to find and purchase these much required products, we have created an online portal where you can choose and buy whatever you need to support such dependent patient.

Do please see www.sanctushealthcare.com or product and order what you need – we are currently supporting patients across Maharashtra



Mob:+91-88 22 256 256




Medical Equipment for Rent

Over the course of their rehabilitation, elders and dependent patients need simple wheel chairs to more hi-tech oxygen concentrators for a few days to a few months and purchasing is just too expensive. At www.rent4health.com we have created just the solution to meet such requirements - all the click of a button. This reduces the chance of mistakes while selecting and helps finds the closest and most affordable vendor. See the How it Workssection above for more details


Email: info@rent4health.com

Mob: +91-88 22 256 256

+91-88 22 256 256