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How it works

In just a few clicks, you can find exactly what you need for your loved one and get it delivered at your doorstep:

1. Search what you are looking for. For instance, if you are looking for a specific type of wheelchair to rent, just search for wheelchair and the various types will show up. Choose the one that you really need

2. Provide the area of the city in which you stay - the nearest vendor with exactly the kind of wheelchair you need will deliver it to your doorstep

3. Choose the time you need to rent the device for; choose when you need the delivery made; make the online payment/ request for COD and it will be delivered at your doorstep

4. After you have finished use, request for a pick up online and the vendor will come and pick it up 

5. Don’t want to rent but buy? You could do so simply at the click of the buy button option


Frequently Asked Questions

  • When should I choose to rent and when to buy?

    Rent if you are sure that you need the device/equipment for less than 8 - 10 months. If you are not sure, how long you will really need to use the device/equipment you could be better off buying

  • What is advance rental?

    This amount is collected upfront from you and remitted to the vendor who has provided you the device (less a small facilitation charge). The monthly rent chargeable is adjusted against this received advance rental. Whenever this amount gets low, the vendor will request and remind you to replenish this amount

  • How is the rent calculated, if I don’t use the device/equipment for a full month?

    The rent amount is charged for 30 days whether you use the device for 30 days or not. Lets’ say you use the device only for one week, the full 30 days rent is charged. Again, if you use it for 32 days, then two months’ rent will be charged

  • This seems unfair?

    Actually it is not, as the vendor is able to plan his inventory use, storage and management costs and support many others who need devices on rent. Administratively it is also easier to operate. In most cases, the advance rental collected actually is not equal to the actual cost of the item and you have the cash you need to continue spending on the care of the patient. Overall you are still saving substantial sum of money

  • I have chosen to rent a device. The product delivered is not actually exactly the same as on the picture

    Please note that images shown for rent are for representative purposes only. This is to help you decide what you really need for the patient. However, the exact condition of the item delivered to you can vary depending how many times earlier it has been given on rent and what has been the wear and tear. However, if you think you have received damaged goods or goods that are functionally entirely different from what you saw on the image, please do not accept the items that you have received. The vendor has to provide you functional, sanitized device and products for the use of your patient

  • I have chosen to buy a device. The product delivered is not new and seems used.

    This should NOT happen.The vendors have to deliver a brand new product to you if you choose to buy. Please refuse to accept the device and call our customer care that will help if this were to happen.Our Customer Care Contact Details: Email:customercare@rent4health.com Mobile: 9021457004 We will work with the vendor to ensure that you get only new items if you have chosen to buy. However, there could be difference in the colour and some specifications of what you get when you buy and what you see on the website. Once again, Please note that the images on the website are representative and an aid to decision making of what might be required for the patient.

  • I am not sure how clean the device I have received is since they have been used earlier?

    Rest assured rent4Health.com works with only those vendors who have agreed to ensure that devices and equipment are sanitized per medical requirements every time they are returned and before they are given to another person for use. In case, on receipt of the device/equipment you feel that this has not been done, please refuse to accept the item and inform Rent4Health Customer Care. We will work with the vendor to ensure you always get sanitized equipment for rent

  • I have been using the item but the item has got damaged. What will happen?

    In case during the course of use the item has been damaged, the vendor will send someone to assess damage and usability of the device. Please inform the vendor in case, the item needs to be replaced, the vendor will replace the item for additional transportation charges. If the item is repairable, then repair charges will be calculated and communicated to you. In case the damage has rendered the item unusable, the vendor can claim full cost of the item. You are strongly advised to read the T&C (Rental) before using the services of the website and associated vendors. You’re choosing to order from this website means that you have read, understood and accepted all the conditions mentioned in the T&C (Rental)

  • I have finished use of the medical equipment or device. I have requested for a pick up and refund. What happens now?

    Once you have requested for an item pick up, someone from the vendor’s team will visit your premises and evaluate the condition of the item as per the Terms & Conditions. 1. If everything is found in order, the item will be picked up and refund is calculated and returned to your bank account within five working days 2. If there is some damage, then the cost of repair or replacement depending on the condition will be communicated to you. The cost of repair or replacement will be adjusted against your advance rental. If it is less than the cost of repair or replacement, then additional demand will be raised and accounts settled within five working days For any concerns around billing and refund, please contact our Customer Care Contact Details: Mobile: 9021457004 Email:customercare@rent4health.com

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