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Part A. Privacy Statement of www.rent4health.com
1. Context
1.1 : What is www.rent4health.com?
1.2 : Why this privacy policy?
1.3 : What is personal information?
2. Privacy Statements
2.1 : All Visitors and Users Note:
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2.3 : Users Note:
3. Registration Process
3.1 : As part of the registration process, Www.rent4health.com collects the following personal information from the Users:
3.2 : All the information listed in S. 3.1of this privacy policy ("User Information") is maintained by Www.rent4health.com in electronic form on its equipment, and on the equipment of its employees. User Information may also be converted to physical form from time to time. Regardless of the manner of storage, Www.rent4health.com will keep all User Information confidential, and will only disclose End User Information in the following manner:
4. Change to privacy policy
Part B.Terms of Use of www.rent4health.com and the other services provided by Www.rent4health.com
1.1 : What is this document?
2. Services and use of Website
3. Collection, Use, Storage and Transfer of Personal Information
4. Covenants
5. Liability
6. Indemnity
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